Prize Fights   

83(1) Engaging in prize fight

83. (1) Every one who

(a) engages as a principal in a prize fight,

(b) advises, encourages or promotes a prize fight, or

(c) is present at a prize fight as an aid, second, surgeon, umpire,

backer or reporter, is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

83(2) Definition of "prize fight"

(2) In this section, "prize fight" means an encounter or fight with

fists or hands between two persons who have met for that purpose by

previous arrangement made by or for them, but a boxing contest between

amateur sportsmen, where the contestants wear boxing gloves of not

less than one hundred and forty grams each in mass, or any boxing

contest held with the permission or under the authority of an athletic

board or commission or similar body established by or under the

authority of the legislature of a province for the control of sport

within the province, shall be deemed not to be a prize fight.