It's Time To Legalize MMA!!!!

Where do we start?  Why isn't MMA legal in Ontario?  

    Recently I asked the head of the Ontario Athletic Commission why MMA could not be sanctioned in Ontario.  His response "it's illegal under section 83 of the Canadian Criminal Code.  So I give you section 83. 

    Some people (in positions of power) feel that MMA is unsafe.  Unsafe?  Compared to what?

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  I didn't put a link to Football because we've all seen these on field mammoths blow knees and  receive concussions!      

  Who's in Charge?  Commission

      Anyone who watches, competes and/ or promotes knows the sport is safe.  Referees are top notch,  most competitors are well trained and know what their bodies will and won't do!  MMA is a growing sport.  It has the potential to make tons of money for everyone involved.  Speaking for myself and I think most other competitors it's just plain fun.  I believe we should not be denied access to this sport anymore,  and all of us have to ban together to get it legalized!!  Most of the population is entirely uneducated to what this great sport involves,  just for fun ask someone if they have ever seen the UFC or UCC or Pride.  If they say no, tell them you compete in MMA and see what their reactions are.  Lets face it, it's a pretty new sport, so people don't know.  Most people I've talked to think it's something reminiscent of Gladiator fights in ancient times.  That we get into a cage, and "let's Rock",  No rules, the one who's living at the end wins. lol.  We all know that's not the case.  We have to educate. 

Most importantly  your opinions matter!  Get your comments, facts, concerns and questions (not that I have all the answers) posted here. Message Board

What I hope to achieve with this page is developing a general voice for MMA enthusiasts.  I am just an individual, thinking.  What can a lone person do to possibly help this situation along?  This is the Idea I came up with.  I hope you all will help out!!!   Thanks!